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           Norland Pure

2001 SW 6th Street

Lincoln, NE  68522

402-474-PURE (7873)


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Two Week Free Trial* - call today and give us a try!

We’ll bring you…

  • The dispenser of your choice, either  hot/cold or cold/room temperature
  • either three – 3 gallon bottles of water or two – 5 gallon bottles of water (your choice of Distilled or Enhanced Distilled)
  • One case of 16.9 oz. bottled water (24 ct.)

The two week trial gives you a chance to determine a couple things. First of all it gives you, your family, or office a chance to evaluate how our service will fit into your lives. Secondly it gives you a chance to estimate your water usage. 

At the conclusion of the two week free trial, one of our representatives will give you a call to answer any questions you may have.  Of course we’re always here to answer questions at any time during the free trial!

Norland Pure’s Pricing (click here for details)

*Offer valid for new customer’s only.