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           Norland Pure

2001 SW 6th Street

Lincoln, NE  68522

402-474-PURE (7873)


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Norland Pure goes to extraordinary lengths to ensure our customers always receive the purest, freshest & best tasting product on the market. Every drop of Norland Pure water is produced & bottled in our Lincoln, Nebraska facility utilizing strict quality control measures. 

Norland Pure’s innovative 5 – step process: 

  • Ion Exchange
  • Carbon Pre-Filtration
  • Steam Distillation
  • Activated Carbon Post-Filtration
  • Ozonation

The key component is Steam Distillation which is an expensive process but one that produces great-tasting purified water that is consistently the highest quality.  Norland Pure’s Distilled Water gives our customer’s the peace of mind that they are drinking 99.99% pure water free of harmful contaminants. 


Two great Norland Pure choices from which to choose:

  • Pure Distilled Drinking Water
  • Premium Enhanced Drinking Water


Our Premium Enhanced Drinking Water starts out as the same 99.99% pure distilled water but we have added electrolytes to ensure that the body is receiving beneficial trace minerals to help maintain optimum hydration.  Many people love the great taste even more than pure distilled water.


Whichever option you select, Norland Pure water is sure to impress.