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Norland Pure Delivers delicious tasting water right to your door or office on a prearranged schedule. We also offer a free reminder service the day before your delivery, to help you better plan your day.
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*If for some reason we do not offer delivery services to your area, please contact us to request delivery to your home.

If you are a residential customer, please remember…

  • Please leave your empty bottles out the night before your scheduled delivery. If you know you are not going to be home for your water bottle delivery, leave your empty water bottles where your delivery person can find and replace them. If you are home, our delivery person will carry your bottled water in your home for you.
  • We will deliver the number of bottles you leave out. If for some reason you want more bottles, please call the office prior to your delivery day.
  • We also deliver cases of 500ml / 16.9oz bottles for great tasting water for all kinds of activities.
Norland Pure is now carrying Hand Sanitizer! Call for more details or to add to your order 402-474-7873.